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Why study a Diploma of Aeroskills?

Diploma of Aeroskills (Avionics)
MEA50118 / 098983A

  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineers carry out the important process of repairing, maintaining and releasing aircraft to fly safely.

    Along with extensive workshop and handskills training, the Diploma of Aeroskills (Avionics) comprehensively delivers all theory training for the avionics CASA Part 66 modules toward the following licences.

    – B2  (Avionics) fixed and rotary-wing aircraft

    Please note that licences are not an outcome. CASA require extensive additional work experience prior to issuing an aircraft maintenance engineer licence.

Course Units

  • This course provides training and assessment toward the following CASA Modules:

    Module 01 – Mathematics

    Module 02 – Physics

    Module 03 – Electrical Fundamentals

    Module 04 – Electronic Fundamentals

    Module 05 – Digital Techniques and Electronic Test Equipment

    Module 06 – Materials and Hardware

    Module 07 – Maintenance Practices

    Module 08 – Basic Aerodynamics

    Module 09 – Human Factors

    Module 10 – Aviation Legislation

    Module 13 – Aircraft Structures & Systems

    Module 14 – Propulsion – Avionic systems

    This course provides theory training and assessment toward the following ASQA Modules:


    Core Units (Avionics)

    – MEA111 Perform administrative processes to prepare for the certification of civil aircraft maintenance

    – MEA112 Plan and implement civil aircraft maintenance activities

    – MEA113 Supervise civil aircraft maintenance activities and manage human resources in the workplace

    – MEA116 Apply work health and safety procedures at supervisor level in aviation maintenance

    – MEA142 Manage self in the aviation maintenance environment

    – MEA235 Perform advanced troubleshooting in aircraft avionic maintenance

    – MEA241 Perform aircraft weight and balance calculations as a result of modifications

    – MSMENV472 Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

    – MEA107 Interpret and use aviation maintenance industry manuals and specifications

    – MEA118 Conduct self in the aviation maintenance environment

    – MEA148 Apply mathematics and physics in aviation maintenance

    – MEA154 Apply work health and safety practices in aviation maintenance

    – MEA155 Plan and organise aviation maintenance work activities

    – MEA156 Apply quality standards during aviation maintenance activities

    – MEA157 Complete aviation maintenance industry documentation

    – MEA158 Perform basic hand skills, standard trade practices and fundamentals in aviation maintenance

    – MEA201 Remove and install miscellaneous aircraft electrical hardware/components

    – MEA203 Remove and install advanced aircraft electrical system components

    – MEA206 Remove and install aircraft basic radio communication and navigation system components

    – MEA223 Inspect aircraft electrical systems and components

    – MEA224 Inspect aircraft instrument systems and components

    – MEA226 Inspect aircraft electronic systems and components

    – MEA227 Test and troubleshoot aircraft electrical systems and components

    – MEA228 Test and troubleshoot aircraft instrument systems and components

    – MEA229 Test and troubleshoot aircraft radio systems and components

    – MEA232 Test and troubleshoot aircraft pulse systems and components

    – MEA246 Fabricate and/or repair aircraft electrical hardware or parts

    – MEA292 Remove and install advanced aircraft instrument system components

    – MEA293 Remove and install aircraft electronic system components

    – MEA296 Use electrical test equipment in aviation maintenance activities

    – MEA301 Perform aircraft flight servicing

    Group A Electives (Avionics)

    – MEA225 Inspect fixed wing aircraft automatic flight control systems and components

    – MEA230 Test and troubleshoot fixed wing aircraft automatic flight control systems and components

    Group B Electives (Avionics)

    – MEA231 Inspect, test and troubleshoot rotary wing aircraft automatic flight control systems and components

    Note: This list is indicative only and is subject to change without notice. Actual units delivered at the discretion of the Head of School. Prerequisites may apply to some units.

Career Outcomes

  • This course is specific to the role of (unlicenced) Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. Career outcomes from this course include junior, unlicenced, trainee or apprentice role as:

    – Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Avionics)


    Important information about CASA Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s Licence:

    A graduate of this course is an unlicenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. In order to be eligible to apply for a licence and become a Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, the applicant must complete this course then gain 2 to 4 years of experience working as an (unlicenced) aircraft maintenance engineer. Work experience must be journalised. If you are interested in a licence outcome, please ask for further information if you are unsure of the process.

Where & When

  • – This course is run in Brisbane with intakes in January and July

    – Delivery Mode: face to face on campus 4 to 5 days per week full time

    – Duration: 2 years

Entry Requirements

  • The training package does not have any entry requirement, but our specific course entry requirements are:


    – Australian Year 12 high school certificate or equivalent

    – Pass in high school English and mathematics

    – Basic computer skills


    English (International student only)

    – IELTS score of 6.0 (academic) or equivalent with no band score below 5.5

Tuition Fees

  • International Student Tuition Fees:

    – Single Diploma of Aeroskills (Avionics) $42,000

    NOTE: Fees are payable in instalments



    – All online and text book theory training and resources

    – genuine industry based engineer workshop training, equipment and resources

    – 4 – 5 days per week

    – student visa available

    Please note: Prices are indicative. Detailed pricing, terms and conditions will be provided in the Letter Of Offer when you apply.

University Pathways

This course articulates into the following pathway courses:
Name of UniversityDegreeCreditsCredit Type
Griffith UniversityBachelor of Business40cpOfficial Non-Packaged
University of Southern Queensland (USQ)Bachelor of Business4Official Non-Packaged

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