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Eddie Da Teng Archives - NIET
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NAATi Certified Translator of English from/to Chinese, NAATI Certified Interpreter of English and Mandarin, Master of Arts in Chinese Translation and Interpreting at the University of Queensland, Certificate IV in Teaching and Assessment. Out of great enthusiasm in translation and interpreting study, I started working in the language service sector since 2016, and joined the vocational education sector as a translating and interpreting trainer one year later.

I have always felt blessed being able to work in a career which I have a true interest in. Making communication between meanings of two completely different languages, deliberating on the choice of a word that is so subtle yet significant enough to affect the whole sentence, exploiting every possibility to formulate the ideal semantic structure that can best fit in the context … they all fascinate me so much. It is not only about teaching students to be proficient in translating and interpreting skills, but also to take enjoyment in this practice. And I just feel obliged to pass on every bit of it to anyone who wishes to learn.

PSP60816 | 096251J
Advanced Diploma of Translating
Advanced Diploma of Translating