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AAS Education Consultancyhttps://aas.com.hk/
ABC Educationhttps://www.abcwithyou.com/
AC & T International P/Lhttp://actimmi.com/
AC Overseas Student Centre
ACEcelent Education and Migrationhttps://acecelent.com/
AESC Tasmania
AIDA Migration and Education Pty Ltdhttp://aidame.com.au/
AIP Tasmania Pty. Ltdhttp://aip.co.kr/
Allwin Education and Migration Pty Ltd
AMET Educationhttps://amet.com.au/
AMS Brisbane Pty Ltdwww.astutemigration.com.au
A-OES Austral-Oriental Education Serviceshttp://a-oes.com/
AOU Group Pty Ltd
APC Migrationhttps://www.apcmigration.com/
Asia Pacific Education Consultants Pty Ltd
AU-CHN Visa Service Pty Ltd.https://auchn.com.au/
Aurum Migrationhttp://aurum-migration.com.au/
Aus Studies Consultants PTY LTDwww.ausstudies.com
Ausbridge Group Pty Ltdhttp://ausbridgegroup.com.au/
AUS-ELITE International Pty Ltd
AusIn Associates Pty Ltd
Ausking Immigration and Education Grouphttp://www.auskingvisa.com/en/
AusLine Education Pty Ltdwww.auslineeducation.com
Auslinkedin Group Pty Ltdhttp://aslinkin.com/
Auslinkedin Group Pvt LTD
Auspac International Pty Ltdhttps://auspacinternational.com/
Aussizz Group Pty Ltdhttps://www.aussizzgroup.com/
Austimely International Cultural Exchange Company
Austin International Migration and Education Grouphttps://www.austinmigration.com.au/
AUSTLINK EDUCATION GROUP PTY LTDhttps://austlinkvisa.com/
Austop Education Centrewww.austop.com.au
Australia Student Recruitmenthttps://www.asr.net.au/
Australia Visa Linkhttps://www.ozvisalink.com/
Australian DL International P/L
Australian Education & Migration Serviceshttp://www.auact.com/
Australian Multicultural Education Centre (AMEC) Pty Ltdhttps://www.amecnews.com/
Australian Sunshine Education & Migration Pty Ltdhttps://www.ausunshine.net.au/
Ausuccess Education PTY LTDhttp://bbs.ausuccess.com/
BADA Education Centrehttp://badadu.com/
Baron Educationhttp://www.baronedu.com/
Bneing Education and Immigration Pty Ltd
BS Mates PtyLtd.http://matesinternational.com.au/
Capitaland Pty Ltd
CEL Consulting Pty Ltdhttp://www.celgroup.com.au/
Chiao Shun Internationalhttp://www.chiaoshun.com/index.aspx
CONNECT EDUCATION NETWORKhttp://www.cenweb.info/
D&S Education
E&F Education Centrehttp://ef-time.com/
Education and Learning Service Centrehttps://www.elsc.com.au/
Education and Migration Services Australiahttp://www.emsglobal.com.au/
E-Help Consultantshttps://ehelpconsultants.com.au/
EIC Grouphttps://www.eic.org.cn/
Elite AUS Migration and Education Consultancyhttps://eliteaus.com/
EWAY GLOBAL PTY LTDhttp://ewayglobal.com.au/
Expert Education & Visa Serviceshttps://www.experteducation.com.au/
Fast Track Consultancyhttps://www.fasttrackconsultancy.com.au/
Fortrust Education Serviceshttp://www.tortrust.com/
Frank L Z & Associates
Fusion OZ Pty Ltdhttps://www.fusionoz.com/cn/
Global Matehttp://toglobalmate.com/
Global Top Educations
GMT Global Education Group
Good Education Grouphttps://goodeducation.com.au/
Grace Education Consultancy Pty Ltdhttp://graceeducation.com/
H & G Education and Visa services
Han Hua Education & Migration Grouphttp://www.hanhua.org.cn/
Hays Migration
Hello Australiahttps://hellostudy.com.br/ha/
HIMALAYAN BUSINESS GROUPhttps://himalayanbusiness.com/
HUAQI INTERNATIONALhttp://hqig.com.au/
IAE Edu Nethttp://www.iaeedunet.com/
IBN Global Pty Ltdhttp://inedu.com/
International Communication Networkhttps://johokan.jp/
International Student Counselling Australiahttp://iscaus.com/
IVY MIGRATION PTY. LTD.https://www.ivymigration.com.au/
J & L Globalhttps://jlglobal.com.au/
JRIS International Consulting Co Ltdhttp://jris.com/
Level Up Studieshttps://www.levelupstudies.com/
Mea Consultancyhttps://www.ausmea.com/
MEK Consultancy Group PTY LTDhttp://www.mekgroup.com.au/
Merit Services
Mi-Ed Consultinghttps://mi-ed.com/
Montgomery International Consultantshttps://www.montic.com.au/
My Care Migrationhttps://my-care.com.au/
New-Bridge Education & Migration Pty Ltdhttp://newbridgeoz.com/
Newpoint Migration and Business Consultinghttps://newpoint.com.au/
Newstars Education & Immigration Pty Ltdhttps://www.newstarsec.com/
No Borders Group Pty Ltd
Nova Education & Consulting Serviceshttp://novaeducation.com.au/
NZ International Student Centre Pty Ltdhttp://globalznz.com/
Oceanan International Education Serviceshttp://oiesedu.com/
One Uni Education
Orio Global Group
OZ Immigration Consulting
Oz Pathway Education & Migration Servicehttp://ozpathway.com/
Oz Study Net.com Service Centrewww.ozstudynet.com
Ozfair Globalhttps://ozfair.org/
Ozsky Internationalhttp://ozs.com.au/
RACC International Pty Ltdhttp://ftmelb.com/
Residency Guide
Right & Associates Pty Ltdhttp://rassociate.com.au/
Rise Education Services
RPS MIGRATION SERVICEShttps://www.rpsmigration.com.au/
S & K International Educationhttps://skeducation.com/
Scope Student Services Pty Ltdhttps://www.scopestudentservices.com.au/
Sifang Educationhttps://www.sifanggroup.com.au/
SinoCredit Pty Ltdhttp://sinocredit.com.au/chinese/index.asp
Sinooz Cooperation Service
Sirus Education Australiahttps://sirusmigration.com.au/
SOL Eduhttps://soledu.net/
Spiible Pty Ltdhttps://spiible.com/
Standard Tourism and Hotel Training Centerhttps://standardtourism.com/
STG International Service Grouphttp://stgservice.com.au/
Study Central Pty Ltdhttps://www.studycentral.com.au/
Study Net Pty Ltdhttps://studynet.com.au/
Suns Accounting and Migration Serviceshttps://www.sunsams.com.au/en/
The  Newstone Education Agencyhttps://thenewstone.com/index.html
The Trustee for Fucile Family Trusthttps://www.australianstudysolutions.com/
Tok Grouphttps://www.tokgroup.com.au/
Trans Aus Migration Vic
Uplus Consulting Grouphttp://uplusing.com.au/
US Edu-Consult
VETA Education Consultancy
Victor International Pty Ltd
Viewdirect International Pty Ltdhttp://viewdirect.com.au/
VISA VICTORY MIGRATION SERVICEShttps://ausvisavictory.com/
Vision First Consulting Grouphttp://visionfirstconsulting.com/
Web International Education Pvt. Ltd.
Winfinity Consulting Pty. Ltd.
Yale migration and education consultants pty ltdhttps://yalemigration.com.au/
Yes Internationalhttp://www.yesinternational.com.au/
YLT Group Pty Ltdhttps://www.elite-education-consulting.com/
YOOZ Studyhttps://www.yoozstudy.com/
Youimmi Study Group Pty Ltd
Zhi Nan Zhen Immigration & International Educationhttp://zhinanzhen.org/

“NIET offers flexible classes for me so I could still meet my family responsibilities while getting my certificate. Now I started my dream jobs so I and my family are very happy that I started my study at NIET.”

Sarah T

“I can utilise the skills gained from my business study course. I have met wonderful people throughout my study journey – from my study group and trainers to very helpful student services staff. My experience with NIET has been a very rewarding one. I have applied my knowledge and skills to real world experiences, and can really see the benefits it brings to my own business.”

Sarah R
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