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AAS Education Consultancyhttps://aas.com.hk/
ABC Educationhttps://www.abcwithyou.com/
AC & T International P/Lhttp://actimmi.com/
AC Overseas Student Centre
ACEcelent Education and Migrationhttps://acecelent.com/
AESC Tasmania
AIDA Migration and Education Pty Ltdhttp://aidame.com.au/
AIP Tasmania Pty. Ltdhttp://aip.co.kr/
Allwin Education and Migration Pty Ltd
AMET Educationhttps://amet.com.au/
AMS Brisbane Pty Ltdwww.astutemigration.com.au
A-OES Austral-Oriental Education Serviceshttp://a-oes.com/
AOU Group Pty Ltd
APC Migrationhttps://www.apcmigration.com/
Asia Pacific Education Consultants Pty Ltd
AU-CHN Visa Service Pty Ltd.https://auchn.com.au/
Aurum Migrationhttp://aurum-migration.com.au/
Aus Studies Consultants PTY LTDwww.ausstudies.com
Ausbridge Group Pty Ltdhttp://ausbridgegroup.com.au/
AUS-ELITE International Pty Ltd
AusIn Associates Pty Ltd
Ausking Immigration and Education Grouphttp://www.auskingvisa.com/en/
AusLine Education Pty Ltdwww.auslineeducation.com
Auslinkedin Group Pty Ltdhttp://aslinkin.com/
Auslinkedin Group Pvt LTD
Auspac International Pty Ltdhttps://auspacinternational.com/
Aussizz Group Pty Ltdhttps://www.aussizzgroup.com/
Austimely International Cultural Exchange Company
Austin International Migration and Education Grouphttps://www.austinmigration.com.au/
AUSTLINK EDUCATION GROUP PTY LTDhttps://austlinkvisa.com/
Austop Education Centrewww.austop.com.au
Australia Student Recruitmenthttps://www.asr.net.au/
Australia Visa Linkhttps://www.ozvisalink.com/
Australian DL International P/L
Australian Education & Migration Serviceshttp://www.auact.com/
Australian Multicultural Education Centre (AMEC) Pty Ltdhttps://www.amecnews.com/
Australian Sunshine Education & Migration Pty Ltdhttps://www.ausunshine.net.au/
Ausuccess Education PTY LTDhttp://bbs.ausuccess.com/
BADA Education Centrehttp://badadu.com/
Baron Educationhttp://www.baronedu.com/
Bneing Education and Immigration Pty Ltd
BS Mates PtyLtd.http://matesinternational.com.au/
Capitaland Pty Ltd
CEL Consulting Pty Ltdhttp://www.celgroup.com.au/
Chiao Shun Internationalhttp://www.chiaoshun.com/index.aspx
CONNECT EDUCATION NETWORKhttp://www.cenweb.info/
D&S Education
E&F Education Centrehttp://ef-time.com/
Education and Learning Service Centrehttps://www.elsc.com.au/
Education and Migration Services Australiahttp://www.emsglobal.com.au/
E-Help Consultantshttps://ehelpconsultants.com.au/
EIC Grouphttps://www.eic.org.cn/
Elite AUS Migration and Education Consultancyhttps://eliteaus.com/
EWAY GLOBAL PTY LTDhttp://ewayglobal.com.au/
Expert Education & Visa Serviceshttps://www.experteducation.com.au/
Fast Track Consultancyhttps://www.fasttrackconsultancy.com.au/
Fortrust Education Serviceshttp://www.tortrust.com/
Frank L Z & Associates
Fusion OZ Pty Ltdhttps://www.fusionoz.com/cn/
Global Matehttp://toglobalmate.com/
Global Top Educations
GMT Global Education Group
Good Education Grouphttps://goodeducation.com.au/
Grace Education Consultancy Pty Ltdhttp://graceeducation.com/
H & G Education and Visa services
Han Hua Education & Migration Grouphttp://www.hanhua.org.cn/
Hays Migration
Hello Australiahttps://hellostudy.com.br/ha/
HIMALAYAN BUSINESS GROUPhttps://himalayanbusiness.com/
HUAQI INTERNATIONALhttp://hqig.com.au/
IAE Edu Nethttp://www.iaeedunet.com/
IBN Global Pty Ltdhttp://inedu.com/
International Communication Networkhttps://johokan.jp/
International Student Counselling Australiahttp://iscaus.com/
IVY MIGRATION PTY. LTD.https://www.ivymigration.com.au/
J & L Globalhttps://jlglobal.com.au/
JRIS International Consulting Co Ltdhttp://jris.com/
Level Up Studieshttps://www.levelupstudies.com/
Mea Consultancyhttps://www.ausmea.com/
MEK Consultancy Group PTY LTDhttp://www.mekgroup.com.au/
Merit Services
Mi-Ed Consultinghttps://mi-ed.com/
Montgomery International Consultantshttps://www.montic.com.au/
My Care Migrationhttps://my-care.com.au/
New-Bridge Education & Migration Pty Ltdhttp://newbridgeoz.com/
Newpoint Migration and Business Consultinghttps://newpoint.com.au/
Newstars Education & Immigration Pty Ltdhttps://www.newstarsec.com/
No Borders Group Pty Ltd
Nova Education & Consulting Serviceshttp://novaeducation.com.au/
NZ International Student Centre Pty Ltdhttp://globalznz.com/
Oceanan International Education Serviceshttp://oiesedu.com/
One Uni Education
Orio Global Group
OZ Immigration Consulting
Oz Pathway Education & Migration Servicehttp://ozpathway.com/
Oz Study Net.com Service Centrewww.ozstudynet.com
Ozfair Globalhttps://ozfair.org/
Ozsky Internationalhttp://ozs.com.au/
RACC International Pty Ltdhttp://ftmelb.com/
Residency Guide
Right & Associates Pty Ltdhttp://rassociate.com.au/
Rise Education Services
RPS MIGRATION SERVICEShttps://www.rpsmigration.com.au/
S & K International Educationhttps://skeducation.com/
Scope Student Services Pty Ltdhttps://www.scopestudentservices.com.au/
Sifang Educationhttps://www.sifanggroup.com.au/
SinoCredit Pty Ltdhttp://sinocredit.com.au/chinese/index.asp
Sinooz Cooperation Service
Sirus Education Australiahttps://sirusmigration.com.au/
SOL Eduhttps://soledu.net/
Spiible Pty Ltdhttps://spiible.com/
Standard Tourism and Hotel Training Centerhttps://standardtourism.com/
STG International Service Grouphttp://stgservice.com.au/
Study Central Pty Ltdhttps://www.studycentral.com.au/
Study Net Pty Ltdhttps://studynet.com.au/
Suns Accounting and Migration Serviceshttps://www.sunsams.com.au/en/
The  Newstone Education Agencyhttps://thenewstone.com/index.html
The Trustee for Fucile Family Trusthttps://www.australianstudysolutions.com/
Tok Grouphttps://www.tokgroup.com.au/
Trans Aus Migration Vic
Uplus Consulting Grouphttp://uplusing.com.au/
US Edu-Consult
VETA Education Consultancy
Victor International Pty Ltd
Viewdirect International Pty Ltdhttp://viewdirect.com.au/
VISA VICTORY MIGRATION SERVICEShttps://ausvisavictory.com/
Vision First Consulting Grouphttp://visionfirstconsulting.com/
Web International Education Pvt. Ltd.
Winfinity Consulting Pty. Ltd.
Yale migration and education consultants pty ltdhttps://yalemigration.com.au/
Yes Internationalhttp://www.yesinternational.com.au/
YLT Group Pty Ltdhttps://www.elite-education-consulting.com/
YOOZ Studyhttps://www.yoozstudy.com/
Youimmi Study Group Pty Ltd
Zhi Nan Zhen Immigration & International Educationhttp://zhinanzhen.org/

I’m very grateful to Yanna, Jess and Bri for always helping and pushing be to be better! Going to campus was always so amazing that it never felt like studying, it was something I really enjoyed to be part of. I’m gonna miss so much the trainers and everything. Thanks for creating an amazing environment to us. I had great moments and I learned so much that I will never forget.


“NIET offers flexible classes for me so I could still meet my family responsibilities while getting my certificate. Now I started my dream jobs so I and my family are very happy that I started my study at NIET.”

Sarah T

“I can utilise the skills gained from my business study course. I have met wonderful people throughout my study journey – from my study group and trainers to very helpful student services staff. My experience with NIET has been a very rewarding one. I have applied my knowledge and skills to real world experiences, and can really see the benefits it brings to my own business.”

Sarah R
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