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1) Click the above “Book Now” button to open the Timify Student Clinic Booking Calendar. (A guest booking option is available in the Timify Calendar for those who do not have or wish to create a Timify account.)


2) Choose the date & time you wish to book you massage. Students will be allocated appropriately by their trainer so you can select any available student number.


3) Fill in your details and payment will be secured online before you receive a confirmation email.


Should you have any questions, please email the clinic at massage@niet.edu.au.

What do we offer?

Massage is proven to improve your energy, sleep, relieve aches and pains, reduce anxiety, help you relax, assist with weight loss, fluid retention/swelling, and improve your overall health. We currently offer:


1 hour SWEDISH massage ($20)


Swedish or relaxation massage aims to promote relaxation and loosen up the client. Often it is applied with gentle pressure using long gliding strokes, kneading and gentle muscle manipulations. It is effective in reducing stress, anxiety, improving sleep, circulation and much more.


2 hour REMEDIAL massage ($40)


Remedial Massage is a treatment which requires the client’s overall health to be assessed. This includes past and current state of health, current symptoms such as illness, muscular dysfunction or decreased range of motion, postural abnormalities, injuries, headaches, stress, or sciatica.


Remedial massage is often applied with a combination of massage techniques such as deep tissue, trigger point therapy, deep transverse strokes, stretching, Muscle energy techniques (MET)and taping/strapping to improve the specific physical symptoms experienced by the client. This helps to correct posture, mobility, and encourage the body to continue to heal itself. Often the therapist will give recommendations for between treatments consisting of exercises and stretches to gain a better outcome over time. Remedial massage can be performed in conjunction with other therapies such as osteopathy, chiropractics, and physiotherapy.


Please note: The initial 30 minutes of the 2 hour remedial massage is a health assessment with the student-masseuse. This is followed by a 90 minute remedial massage.

About the Clinic

NIET remedial and relaxation students are working hard to accrue their hours to complete their certification. Under the supervision and guidance of their highly experienced/qualified Clinic Supervisor, the students continue to improve their massage skills to a high standard offering 1 or 2-hour massages. High quality customer service and care is monitored and assured. Students are able to assess and create a treatment plan individual to their client to improve their health.


The students participating in NIET’s massage clinic will have been assessed and demonstrated a high level of competence in various massage techniques. By booking a massage you are supporting their continuous development to become highly experienced massage therapists before receiving their diploma of remedial massage. This is also a requirement of the appropriate industry standards.

Terms & Conditions

Clients may receive
either Swedish or Remedial Massage styles depending on the students
availability in the clinic on the day.

Clients are not
able to request specific students, these are assigned
by the Clinic Supervisor. Students numbers are purposely hidden and regularly
change. Please do not ask for the student number.

Please use the
feedback sheet to provide honest constructive feedback to students. This will
help improve their skills and your experience.

Aggressive behaviour
will not be tolerated. Any enquiries, feedback or concerns please see the clinic
so they are able to assist you.

Please respect other
people in the clinic and do not talk during your massage.

Clients are able to
come to the clinic up to 3 times. We need the students to have experience with
different body shapes, ages, etc, for a diversified learning experience as part
of their qualification. See the Clinic Supervisor for more details.

Unfortunately, the
students are unable to massage the following clientele:

       pregnant women

       people with disabilities

       people under 18 years old.

This is a student
clinic. Students are not qualified massage professionals and cannot work on
conditions that require advanced skills. Please make an appointment with a
qualified professional massage therapist elsewhere.

Late arrivals will
not be offered additional time. Please book online if you require another

Please be patient by
allowing the students time to follow procedure and assess you before entering
the clinic.

Money collected from
the clinic goes towards daily clinic operations such as towel laundering
service and oil.

NOTE: Carrying capacity of the massage beds is up to 100 kg, as per
manufacturer conditions.

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy; to cancel:

Email Brisbane: alice.moore@niet.edu.au

Email Tasmania: Arielle.wang@niet.edu.au

Call Brisbane: 311 717 72 and speak with Reception on line 1.