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About This Course

Please find all the course details below. Don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or require advice – our friendly Student Services Team is always happy to assist.

Course Overview

    • This qualification is designed to provide practical aspects of building client relationships, appraising and managing properties, leasing and listing properties for sale, managing tenancy agreements and conducting an auction to name a few of the units. Whether you want to start a career in real estate as a salesperson, a property manager or you would like to run your own real estate agency with full real estate agent licenses? This course would be perfect for you.


Course Units

    • CPPDSM4007A Identify legal and ethic al requirements of property management to complete agency work
    • CPPDSM4008A Identify legal and ethic al requirements of property sales t o complete agency work
    • CPPDSM4009B Interpret legislation to complete agency work
    • CPPDSM4015B Minimise agency and consumer risk
    • CPPDSM4080A Work in the real estate industry
    • BSBSMB406 Manage small business finances
    • CPPDSM4003A Appraise property
    • CPPDSM4005A Establish and build client-agency relationships
    • CPPDSM4006A Establish and manage agency trust accounts
    • CPPDSM4010A Lease property
    • CPPDSM4011A List property for lease
    • CPPDSM4012A List property for sale
    • CPPDSM4013A Market property for lease
    • CPPDSM4014A Market property for sale
    • CPPDSM4016A Monitor and manage lease or tenancy agreement
    • CPPDSM4018A Prepare and present property reports
    • CPPDSM4019A Prepare for auction and complete sale
    • CPPDSM4022A Sell and finalise the sale of property by private treaty
    • CPPDSM4046A Manage tenancy disputes
    • BSBSMB404 Undertake small business planning
    • BSBLDR403 Lead team effectiveness
    • BSBCMM401 Make a presentation
    • BSBADM40 Organise meetings
    • BSBWRT401 Write complex documents

Career Outcomes

    • Career outcomes from this course could include:
    • Licensed Real Estate Agent
    • Agent’s Representative

University Pathways

This course articulates into the following pathway courses:
Name of UniversityDegreeCreditsCredit Type
Southern Cross UniversityBachelor of Arts4Official Packaged
Southern Cross UniversityBachelor of Psychological Science4Official Packaged
Southern Cross UniversityBachelor of Art and Design4Official Packaged
  • This course articulates into the following pathway courses:
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Psychological Science
  • Bachelor of Art and Design

Where & When

    • Brisbane Intake Date: monthly
    • Hobart Intake Date: monthly
    • Delivery Mode: face to face and online

Entry Requirements

    • The training package does not have any entry requirement.

Tuition Fees

    • Domestic Full Price: $2,500

Ready to study?

    • Check the course details to make sure this is the course for you. We recommend that you also consult with your local aviation authority to ensure that you understand the cost and procedure for converting your overseas aviation qualifications upon your return home.
    • Check the Requirements section to make sure you meet the criteria to enter the course. If you need to upgrade your English or your academic background, no problem, we can package these in.
    • If you are eligible to join this course and you have your funding ready, applying is easy! Our simply online application form includes a Quick Guide section. Please read the guide first so you have everything correctly prepared before applying. After reading the guide, just contact us if you have any questions. Click the “Apply Now” button below to go to the application form and guide.
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